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As part of our recruitment process, createselect carefully evaluates candidates, their skill sets and their requirements. Only then are we able to properly advise on the right digital job for you.

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recruiting the right tech/digital candidates for organisations

We recognise that not every person is perfect, but there is a perfect candidate for every job. We strive to find you the right candidates – those who will fit in as well as do a great job.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes – from digital agencies to online publishers

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example tech jobs we can help fill

  • digital and UX designer
  • html developers
  • flash developers
  • front end developers
  • UI designers
  • senior developer
  • lead developer
  • web designer
  • technical support
  • help desk administrator
  • data scientist
  • social media
  • sem/seo/sea
  • head of ecommerce
  • digital marketing
  • email marketing
  • online marketing
  • web analytics
  • head of trading
  • paid search
  • online analyst
  • ecommerce manager
  • head of affiliates
  • digital account manager
  • digital sales executive

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about createselect

createselect is a creative recruitment agency based in London and New York City – working with clients in London, NYC and throughout the UK and USA.

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